Baby Tiffany


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Baby Tiffany

We’ve got a Tiffany for you that wouldn’t cost you a liver & a kidney. At the same time, we can guarantee you that she/he will love it. Trust us on this. (Disclaimer: we can only guarantee that they will love the bouquet but cannot guarantee if they will accept your confession :p we’re just a florist shop)

For Occasion such as:

• Birthday
• Anniversary
• Surprises
• Valentine’s Day
• Graduation Day

Do you ever wonder why Baby Tiffany was one of our best seller of all time? Well, Baby Tiffany as you know are made out of Baby Breath but do you know the meaning behind Baby Breath? Since long ago, these bright white dot represent our everlasting and undying love to the love one whether it be family or friends. It is a best bouquet to represent your everlasting love, don’t you think? Which is why I think that you really need a Baby Tiffany in your partner life now.

Available in three sizes. Every sizing is visibly different. Regular is our smallest size, Medium is larger size and Large is the largest size. It is wrapped in black paper using the Korean Wrapping Style with blue colored ribbon tying around it. (* Ribbon color can be different depending on stock availability.)

You can also check out our collection page for other design of bouquets. Follow our Facebook to be the first one to get the latest news of our design and event.

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Natural products will have natural flaws. Simply snip or cut away the yellowed/darkened part to regain its appealing appearance.

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