By placing an order from our website, we will take into account that every customers had read our Terms and Conditions as well as the F.A.Q.


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Basic Information

What is 50gram video bouquet?
50gram is a bouquet of flowers comes together with a video, retrievable by scanning the QR code generated by us.
There will be a variety of bouquet designs from time to time. Discover More

How do I know how many stalks are in a bouquet?
Each bouquet has different numbers and types of flowers. Kindly refer to the description section to know more about the chosen bouquet.

Do you have ready-stock for me whenever I walk into your store?
Unfortunately we prepare our flowers based on pre-order basis. You will need to place an order before 12pm in order to secure a bouquet.

Why is my status still “Processing”?
Here’s a brief explanation on all of the status from our website:
– Processing: Item is not received or picked up yet.
– Completed: Item is already received/delivered or picked up.
– Bouquet is ready: Item is ready to be picked up.
– Delivering: Item is on the way.
– Failed: Payment has not went through.
– On Hold: Order is on hold for specific reasons.
– Refunded: Order is refunded.
– Cancelled: Order is cancelled.

Order and Packing
You can opt for a regular text message or video message. Every of our bouquet will be place in the premium boxes together along with any add-on products that you have purchased, ensuring 100% privacy during the delivery process. We encourage everyone to make purchase at least one (1) day prior the selected delivery date or before 12pm for same day delivery. Our delivery time is between 12pm – 6pm with no time request available. Tracking codes are available for online orders only, which are used to track your delivery status. (Manual orders will not receive any tracking codes or automated notification of delivery status.)

How to know my message word count?
You may use this useful website to determine if you have exceeded 80 characters: https://wordcounter.net/. Please note that if you have input over 80 characters, your message card will look crowded.

Video Information

How does the video works?
The sender/buyer who purchases 50Gram bouquet(s) will send us photos to be edited into a video. Video types can be selected during the selection of bouquet(s). The photos will then be available to upload into our database after the Check Out process. We will edit all the photos into a video and provide a QR code to the recipient which will be attached with the bouquet. The Recipient will only need to scan the QR code to watch the specific video made just for her/him. QR code can be scanned using Apps like “Barcode Scanner” or even via “WeChat”.

Check out the video samples available at the moment.

How do I upload the photos?
After payment, the website will direct you to page to upload your photos. Kindly note the maximum amount of photos allowed is 8 photos. If you’d like to upload the photos later, you may do so by uploading to this link https://50gram.com.my/tracking/ latest by 08:00 AM of your delivery date. We will proceed to “No video/Text only” after 08:00 AM on the delivery date if failure to provide us any photos for processing.

Can I change the photos after payment is made?
Yes, but it is only allowed within one (1) hour after payment.

I want to view the preview now!
We are sorry to inform you that you are unable to watch the preview of the video as it takes time to edit.

How long does video editing takes?
The time required to edit videos can vary from time to time. Several variables can affect our IT crew’s speed, such as peak seasons, high volume of videos, complicated requests, etc. Your patience is required. We can guarantee that most of the videos will be done on the delivery date itself. Thus, you may request a video link to pre-watch your video before the recipient does.

Can I set my video to be private and only be view by the recipient only?
Yes, we can set your video to be private. We can provide you with a password to access the video to be viewed by the recipient only. In the meantime, you can determine your own password too.

I want to write messages on my video!
Due to the fact that we are using one tag card on each order, you are required to decide if you’d like to choose a message tag or video tag. The text message that you’ve provided to us will be the only one used for both option. If you’ve chosen message tag, then we will proceed with the message you provided and use a message tag. If you’ve chosen any video options, provided us text message and requested to input another set of message, we will then require you to pick either one of the messages that you provided. This is because the text message will be broken down into smaller parts and then placed on to the video slides.

In short, the Message for Recipient / Video Captions section where you type your message is either for the Text or video.
* Compatible language includes English, Malay, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean.

Can I change my video type?
Please note that you can only change your video type at least 2 days before the delivery date.

Ordering Information

A.0 How to order?
We have steps to guide you on every product page. Generally, you just need to select the options, check out from the cart, type in your information and pay.

A.1 How to order bouquet with video?
Just as how you would generally purchase from our website but select video options, type in your video captions (limited to 80 characters including space, numbers and symbol), complete the shipping details and pay. After payment you will be directed to a page to upload your photos.

A.2 How to order bouquet without video?
Just as how you would generally purchase from our website but select ‘text message’, type in your desired wordings to your receiver (limited to 80 characters including space, numbers and symbol), complete the shipping details and pay. That’s all!

A.3 How to order for Pick-Up?
During check out, type “-” into the Shipping Address bar and then input 57000 into the ZIP section. A “Pick-Up” option will appear at the “Total” section.

A.4 How to order for Delivery?
During check out, type your address into the Shipping Address bar and then input your postcode into the ZIP section. You will be able to see the delivery fee above the “Total” section.

A.5 How to order for Add-On items?
If you plan to purchase flowers as well, simply add the add-on item(s) into your cart. Please note that when you had ordered add-on items without other products that has calendar booking dates (e.g.: bouquets), we will proceed to deliver the items around 1-4 days after the order has been confirmed. Same day delivery is not applicable for Add-On items unless it is purchased along with items booked on the same day before the cut off time of 12pm.

What should I take note of during checkout?
One order is only for one location at one particular date. For multiple date selections and/or locations, please proceed with multiple order processing. In situations where you had selected two or more different dates per order, we will seek payment from you manually.

I have multiple receivers at the same location! What should I do?!
You may proceed with the order and then later on let us know which message you would like to dedicate to which receiver through which particular bouquet. Our Customer Service platforms are available down below.

The system keeps telling me my shipping address isn’t available!
– Please ensure that you are at the correct webpage for either KL or Penang. Penang site is: pg.50gram.com.my . Johor Bahru site is jb.50gram.com.my
– Please ensure that you have filled in every options, including the shipping address. If you would like to opt for pick up, you will still need to put a “-” in the Shipping Address in order for the shipping calculator to work.
– Only certain areas of Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang are within our delivery range. Please type in the postcode of your delivery destination to the ZIP section. You may attempt to input several postcodes to determine which one is more convenient for you. If there is no delivery option to choose after you’ve keyed in the postcode, it means the area is not within our delivery service.
– Please do not input an incorrect postcode. We will request for top-up if the delivery fee is not sufficient for your order. Shall the buyer refuses to top-up the amount, we will have full rights to decline this order and proceed with refund (20% handling fee will be deducted from the full amount).

When all else failed, please contact us with your postcode so that we can assist you to check on the postcode.

Where can I get a coupon code?
We distribute all of the coupon codes to our mailing subscribers only while we distribute only a handful to the public occasionally. By creating an account with us, you are already a subscriber and you can opt to unsubscribe anytime.

Oops, I forgot to add a coupon code.
Unfortunately, we are unable to apply coupon codes to your order once it has been placed.

I can’t seem to check out/process my order.
Please try to refresh the page.  You should also follow the steps given in every product page that were designated to assist you. It may also be a credit card or compatibility issue. Please do try using an alternative browser and/or credit card to see if the order can process. If you are still encountering problems, please try deleting the cookies / caches on your computer and then log back into your account. To do this you will need to go to the “Tools” tab in your Internet browser, select “Internet Options”, then choose “Delete Cookies” and hit OK.

If further problems persist please contact us to place a manual order through Facebook private messaging or Whatsapp (018-2618219) . Kindly note that for manual ordering, you will need to comply with the Terms and Condition for Manual Orders. Order tracking and status updates are not available for Manual Orders.

Will I be charged when I cancel my order?
Yes, you will be charged with 20% of processing/handling fee when you request for order cancellation. Changes of amount charged may apply in different situations and shall be determined when necessary.

Payment Information

Can I cancel my delivery on the day of delivery?
If the cancellation request was made at least one (1) day / 24hrs before the delivery date, we will assist you to proceed with the request. However, we will not proceed with the cancellation if the request was made on the same day as your appointed delivery date.

I’ve encountered difficulties while trying to make payment.
Kindly contact us through e-mail ([email protected]) or WhatsApp (018-2618219) so that we can further assist you for this matter.

What sort of payment methods are available to us?
Our payment methods include online banking, ATM banking, credit card payment, and paypal payment.

Is COD available?
Unfortunately, it is not available at the moment.

Can I pay upon pickup?
This option is only available to customers who opt for manual ordering. However, we highly encourage all our customers to pay while placing an order. This is because it will allow us to work efficiently and hand you your bouquet in a shorter period of time.

Can I order on the same day and get it on the same day?
Kindly note that we do have a cut-off time to accept new orders at 12pm sharp every working day as we will need to start dispatching all the deliveries of the delivery date to our customer’s recipient.

In that case, how about if I want to pick up the bouquet?
In normal days, we are able to open up a slot for you to place an order with us. However, there are days where we had completely hit our max capacity for both deliveries & pick-up orders and could not open up any extra slots for anyone, anymore. We hope you understand.

But your website won’t be able to accept new pick-up orders after 12pm?
Kindly drop us a Facebook private message to proceed with manual ordering. You can also let us know that you’d like to manually order via emailing or WhatsApp messaging. We highly discourage any manual ordering from our Live Chat platform as it will be difficult to trace back the order when needed.

Pick Up Information

Can I just walk in and purchase?
Please place an order and make payment with us before dropping by. We do not have ready-stock bouquets nor do we have display rack for customization bouquet selection. If you would like to pick up a bouquet on the same day, please contact us no later than 3pm. Alternately, you can pre-order with us a few days before your delivery date too.

What time can I drop by to collect my bouquet(s)?

50Gram KL & Penang
Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm
Saturday : 10am to 3pm
Sunday : Closed

What should I do before picking up?
You can contact us by providing us your detail of order and your pick-up time so that we can be aware of it.

Where is your Penang Office?
Our office is located at Vantage Point Jalan Lenggong. We are located two floors above Pizza Hut. (Famous landmark: Symphony Park) Please do use google maps or waze to search for “50gram Florist Penang.”

Where is your KL office?
Our office is located at Menara K1, Old Klang Road (nearby Wisma Elken and opposite Pearl Point Shopping Complex). Kindly note that we are located in the office building (not shop lots). Surrounded buildings include: Wisma Elken, Le Pont, Hong Leong Bank, 7-11, etc.

[KL] How should I access from 7-11/HLB/Massage Parlour?
Kindly seek for the corridor in between 7-eleven and a Tea shop. Then, walk towards the glass door and you will see a security counter on your left hand side. Once you’re inside, kindly register as a visitor to obtain an access card in order to access the elevator and the security door.

[KL] How should I navigate after reaching 18th floor?
Please turn right directly after coming out of the elavator, tap your card on the access-card machine, walk in straight until you see our logo on the wall on your right side. Ring the door bell and open the door after you hear a long, subtle beep.

[KL] We have a guide for you!
Click the button below to download a simple guide. You can print it out too!

Shipping Information

Why should I provide the recipient’s contact number?
The recipient’s number is crucial for us so that we can call the recipient and make sure that they are at the delivery location. (We will not reveal what we are sending or who is the sender.) There are cases where the delivery attempts were made and failed because the recipient was unable to be found. If we have the recipient’s number and he/she had notified us that they are not in the delivery location (MC, work leave, etc), we will then call the Sender to ask permission for rescheduling delivery (with freshly packed flowers). If we could not contact the recipient and the delivery attempt was made, kindly not that refunding for this situation is not available. (Read Return & Refunding Information section).

But I want it to be a surprise…
We understand that many had bought flowers to surprise their recipients. In this case, you may key in another phone number provided if the owner of the phone number will be receiving it on behalf. We do not encourage customers to provide phone number of another person who will not be receiving the delivery.

How do you deliver the bouquets?
We hire dispatching teams to assist us in delivery and they perform their duty on their trusty motorbikes to reach their destination swiftly. Please expect a slight delay when there may be unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather or impromptu traffic jams. Our dispatching teams are doing their best to get the bouquets to you a.s.a.p..

Currently we only deliver to areas within Klang Valley, Johor Bahru & Penang, and we have yet expand other states in Peninsular Malaysia.

Can you deliver to the recipient’s working table or home with guarded system?
There are cases where our dispatcher won’t be able to enter the premises and might need her to collect at the security or the reception area, this depends on the security’s or the company’s policies. Our dispatcher will do their best to hand the bouquet to the recipient’s hand.

Can I find out the delivery fees myself?
Yes, you can. In order to determine your delivery fee, kindly add a product to the cart. Then, go to the check out page, type “-” to the Shipping Address area and then insert your postcode into the ZIP section. You will find the delivery fees available at the bottom of the checkout page. Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Penang delivery fees start from RM18, depending of the delivery location. We do welcome you to pick up your own bouquet (no delivery charge).

The system keeps telling me my shipping address isn’t available!

  • Please ensure that you are at the correct webpage for either KL, JB or Penang. Penang site is: pg.50gram.com.my. Johor website is jb.50gram.com.my
  • Please ensure that you have filled in every options, including the shipping address. As stated on the Check Out page, if you would like to opt for pick up, you will still need to input 50gram as Street Address and 58200 as Zip code for it to work.
  • Only certain areas of Klang Valley, Johor and Penang are within our delivery range. Please type in the postcode of your delivery destination to the ZIP section. You may attempt to input several postcodes to determine which one is more convenient for you. If there is no delivery option to choose after you key in the postcode, it means the area is not within our delivery service.
  • If you are located outside Malaysia and would like to make an order from us, simply choose a random State and proceed with check out.

Raining/Hot weather ruined my delivery!
It’s kind of unfortunate that we did not have the chance to recruit supernatural talents into our crew. We do understand that having a weather-bender would help us a lot but we have yet to discover one. So, no, we can’t control Malaysia’s tropical weather for the moment. However, we do try our best to deliver the bouquets as soon as possible to their destinations so that the bouquets wouldn’t be affected by the weather.

My bouquets looks less fresh. 
We can assure you that we use fresh flowers delivered to us every single day for each and every one of your bouquet. If by any chance that your bouquet happened to look less appealing, quickly put them into a cold room or a refrigerator and spritz clean water to the flowers. You can snip the corners of the petals (for roses: you can peel off the entire unappealing petal). These tricks should help your bouquet to look better. If your bouquet looked completely affected, contact us immediately before 11.59pm of the delivery date so that we can resolve the issue for you. Read more from Returning and Refunding Information.

Shipping Information

Can I choose a specific timing to deliver?
Our standard delivery service are completed between 12pm – 6pm. We are unable to accommodate requests for time specific deliveries to ensure fairness to all our customers and maintain efficiency in our operations. We will notify you once the bouquet is delivered. Alternately, you may also choose Pick-Up option if your reasons for time request is as such: wedding proposal, surprises, etc.

[Important!] What causes late delivery?
Late delivery is defined as any deliveries that were only able to reach the destination after 6 p.m. Unforeseen circumstances that will cause late delivery are heavy rain, monsoon seasons, accidents, transportation malfunction, etc. In the unlikely events that any of these unforeseen circumstances had occurred, our dispatcher may contact receiver to notify them or clarify if they would still be around the area. We seek for everyone’s understanding that it is out of our control when these situations happen and thus we seek for everyone’s patience so that we can complete the order. Please remain calm and let us proceed to solve the issue first. We will contact you if necessary.

Can I track my order?
Yes, we will email you once the bouquet is sent, and delivered to the receiver’s side. You can track your order in our tracking page. Click here. As much as we would love to update you as soon as possible, kindly note that status updates may not match real time. A delay in response may be inevitable as our dispatchers may be inconvenient to update whilst on duty with their bikes. Please refer to the info below:

Help! I need to know where exactly is my order now!
Due to the fact that we have yet to implement a unified tracking system among our dispatchers, tracking the exact whereabouts and ETA for each and every order can be really difficult for us to do so. 90% of our dispatchers are motorcyclists, which means that it would be highly inconvenience for them to hold onto their mobile phone at all times. This makes it difficult to obtain quick response from them until they stop at a destination. Please be patient with us and we will provide you any updates as soon as we get any.

Help! The recipient is leaving soon!
Please let us know as soon as you know that the recipient is leaving so that we can arrange the delivery to a second location, preferably 3-5 hours earlier. We will require a second delivery address from the sender/recipient in order to proceed the delivery on the same day. If a second delivery address is unable to be obtained, we will then proceed to delivery the bouquet on the next day. If the original address is a shop lot/office lot that does not operate during weekends/public holidays, we will either require a home delivery address from sender/recipient or we will proceed the delivery on the next working day.

Shall the sender had failed to provide us any information, we will decide the next most feasible option for the order.

Help! The office/shop closes before 6pm!
Please let us know at least before 11am of the original delivery date so that our Delivery Arrangement crew and our dispatchers can be alert of it. Do take note that our delivery dispatching starts operating at 12pm – 6pm. You will need to tell us beforehand.

Should the recipient appears to be absent (left the area) during the delivery, our dispatcher will proceed with the next available solutions from next question:

[Important] What if the recipient is not around at the time of delivery?
For office with receptionist, we will leave it to the receptionist; for office without a receptionist or home base please refer to the options below:

We will call the sender to decide:
Option 1: Leave it on the front door or at the guard house (for apartment and condomininium).
Option 2: Schedule a pick up on your own at our office after 5PM and before 8PM (delivery fees will NOT BE refunded). Please email or call us for schedule.

Please note that we will only call you three times, if we are unable to reach you, due to whatever reasons, or you do not pick up the call, we will decide for you, which is Option 1.

Orders are delivered ONCE. If the recipient is not home/office the flowers/bouquet are returned to 50gram and a notice will send to informing recipient/sender that flowers/bouquet have tried to be delivered and to self pick up from 50gram. Sender are responsible to bear any delivery cost for second delivery attempt.

Peak Seasons and Customization

What are the ‘Peak Periods’?
Peak Periods are when flowers are highly demanded. These seasons includes Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.

What should I expect during these periods?
There may be inevitable delay in our response due to high volume of incoming inquiries. Also, there may be inevitable delay in our delivery completion due to high amount of orders. Our standard delivery time are completed between 12pm – 6pm but it may extend to a couple of hours later than 6pm. We will try to do our best to deliver all orders as soon as possible.

How long does the peak periods last?
It would start around 2 weeks prior the celebrated day and ends around 1-3 days after the celebrated days. For example, in 2017, the Valentine’s Day orders started on 7th Feb until 15th Feb.

When should I place an order?
As early as possible. We do encourage you to place an order at least 4 days prior the celebrated day itself to avoid to being unable to place an order from us as there is a maximum daily-limit capacity. Customization orders are only available on Whatsapp and Facebook Private Messaging.

How is the price so much higher than before?
During the peak periods, our suppliers will increase their stock price, hence resulting an increase of bouquet prices from our side too.

What are the other days when there will be a high amount of orders?
Fridays, Graduation Days, 14th of every month, etc.

When should I order before you run out of stocks?
At least 3-5 days prior.

I want to purchase customized / special flower bouquets.
‘Special’ flowers bouquet that involves lilies, tulips and sunflowers are uncommon and they are subjected to availability from our supplier. We require you to place an order at least two days prior the delivery date. We have a variety of customized bouquets too. If it is needed for any celebration / special occasions, please let us know at least 2 weeks prior so that we can ensure that the bouquet is ready for you.

Do you have ROM bouquets?
ROM bouquets are considered as customized bouquets. Please do let us know at least 2 weeks prior the delivery date so that our ROM florist can discuss with you personally to match the bouquet with your ROM theme.

Can I change my video type?
Please note that you can only change your video type at least 2 days before the delivery date.

Special Occasion

Do you have Graduation or Bridal bouquet?

Yes! You can find them in our online store catalog 🙂

Do you send to the graduate?

Yes, we do. However, as we do not have time request available, we highly suggest senders to send by hand after picking up bouquet from our store.

Do you send to hotels or events?

Yes, we do. However, as we do not have time request available, we highly suggest senders to send by hand after picking up bouquet from our store to avoid any delay or inconvenience.

Can I pick up a day before I use the bouquet?

Yes, you can. However, buyers are responsible to keep the bouquet fresh and we are no longer liable after bouquets are picked up by buyers from our store. By exiting our store during a pick up process, it indicates that buyers are fully satisfied of the bouquet’s condition and the overall order. It also indicates that the buyers fully agree that the order has no issues.

How do I keep it fresh for the next day?

To keep the bouquet fresh, please keep it in a well-ventilated place that has low temperature (preferably 22 degree Celsius or lower). Buyers must always remember to avoid heat or sunlight from the flowers. Buyers must also never place the bouquet in a non-ventilated area (such as a closed box without holes or inside a car unattended).

Customer Service Information

What are the platforms available to send in my inquiries?
There are many platforms available. Inquiries can be sent through : WhatsApp, Live Chat, Facebook Private Message, Email and Phone Calls.

We do not encourage customers to SMS us because most of the time, our team will be on the monitor instead (for Whatsapp, we use Whatsapp Web to communicate with everyone). We might missed out your sms messages unintentionally since we’re not always on the phone. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have an important issue, which platform should I ask for help?
We encourage all customers to inquire through one platform only to avoid confusion as different platforms will be taken cared by different staff. The best place to inquire is either via WhatsApp or e-mailing. Kindly avoid reporting an issue to our live chat as it would be difficult to trace and follow up.

Can I call in after business hours?
Unfortunately, your phone calls may not be picked up by any of the staffs as no one will be available in the office after office hours.

I called in during business hours but my calls weren’t picked up.
We sincerely apologize that we had missed your calls. Our team members are trying their best to serve everyone’s inquiries on multiple platforms and may have missed the call during their duty unintentionally. On usual days, our team members would be available to assist you when you call in. However, there may be a delay of response during peak seasons such as Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Fridays, etc, where an extremely high volume of inquiries will rush in from every platforms.

Inquiries Information

How do I send an inquiry?

  1. Order tracking (All): Please state your order ID along with your questions.
  2. Order information (All): Please state your order ID along with your questions.
  3. Delivery fees / Location availability: Please check with our shipping calculator at Check Out page before inquiring.
  4. Bouquet information (Whatsapp/FB PM): Please check the description section before inquiring.
  5. Customizing bouquet (Whatsapp/FB PM): Please state your desired main flowers, quantity of flowers, delivery date and color theme. (Please refer to Other Questions section)

What if I don’t have an order ID?

  • If you had placed an order from our website, please copy the transaction ID and paste to the text box.
    • Transaction ID starts with “T1”
    • Eg: T1234567891011
  • If you had placed an order from other platforms (Whatsapp / Email), kindly note that the order ID given to you cannot be tracked from our website.
    • If you had placed an order from email, kindly let us know your email address, recipient name and delivery date.
    • If you had placed an order from Whatsapp, kindly let us know your phone number, recipient name and delivery date.
    • If you had placed an order from Facebook, kindly let us know your Facebook name, recipient name and delivery date.

How should I report an issue?

  1. Reporting about my bouquet
    • Kindly take a clear photo of the bouquet, especially the part where you would like us to focus on, and send it to us before 11:59pm of the original date via Whatsapp or Email.
    • State your order ID and the issues that concerns you and let us know how you would like us to solve it
    • If the management believes that the bouquet can be replaced, a replacement will be made within 24 hours-48 hours.
    • If you’d like to request for a refund, kindly refer to “Returning and Refunding Information” section.
  2. Reporting about my delivery
    • Kindly state your order ID and the original date of delivery to our customer service platforms along with your concerns
    • Please take note that any complains/reporting about deliveries that are not completed between 6pm – 7pm will not be entertained, if:
      • Sender failed to alert us about the absence of the recipient.
      • Sender failed to acknowledge that our delivery dispatching procedure operates between 12pm – 6pm.
      • Sender failed to let us know what time is the latest to deliver
  3. Reporting about other issues
    • Kindly state your concerns to any of our customer service platforms.

Returning and Refunding Information

I think you guys sent the wrong bouquet…
In the unlikely event that you may have received the wrong bouquet, please contact us immediately through our Whatsapp or give us a call at 018-2618219.

Can I return my flowers / request for a refund after the day of my delivery?
No. Sorry, we cannot do that. Do take notice that all flowers are perishable and you are required to take care of the bouquet(s). No refunds or replacements shall be made for any order(s) if the recipient or sender had failed to notify us within 2-3 hours since receiving the bouquet(s).

It is the responsibility of the sender to review all of the information provided on this website relating to refunds and/or replacements.

Can I return my flowers if its on the same day as delivery?
It depends on the condition of your flowers. Please send us a photo of the bouquet as soon as possible. Please understand that real flowers will never be 100% perfect. There will always be flaws and imperfections within and they are inevitable as cut flowers were removed from their rooots. Kindly note that we will need at least 1-2 hours to investigate and to determine what has occurred. We will get back to you as soon as possible and we do ask for the buyers to be patient with us and let us investigate without any interruptions. As much as we are as anxious as you, we do highly appreciate your cooperation. 

Refusal to accept the delivery
We will not be responsible if the recipient had refused to accept the bouquet (as we have already prepared the flowers) and/or your delivery as we had sent out our dispatcher(s) to the designated location. We will not issue refunds to any customer where the recipient, for whatever reason, will not accept the item or refuses delivery.

Help! My order was not delivered!
If any customer claims an order was not delivered, we ask that we are given at least 24-48 hours to investigate and to determine what has occurred. In many cases, delivery was attempted but either the recipient was not in the delivery destination were available to accept the order. We reserve the right to attempt a redeliver if this occurs. Please note that we make every effort to make the delivery on the scheduled date because we are working with perishable products. We would highly appreciate your cooperation with us to calm down and give us some time to arrange another redeliver as the process can (sometimes) be a complicated one.

Help! I need to cancel my order!
Please contact us as soon as you’ve made your decision to cancel your order. Kindly note that you can only cancel your order(s) before delivery arrangement was made, i.e.: after 12pm of the delivery date, you are not allowed to cancel your order(s). Processing/handling fees applies.

How long does refund process takes?
Usually around a week or two after receiving details from the sender / buyer. Sometimes, it can take a bit longer.

Situations where refunding, returning or exchanging is 
NOT possible:

A. Refunding

  1. When the bouquet is prepared and delivery attempts has been made
    • The bouquet was either refused to be received or the recipient was not at the location.
  2. When the delivery was made “late”
    • Our delivery dispatch operation starts from 12pm – 6pm and time requests/remarks are not available. If a time remark was made, our team will always provide a reminder that the our accepting of the remark does not equal to a guarantee or promise, i.e.: the delivery may not make it right on time due to many unforeseen circumstances. Customers who had made payment will be assumed to agree to the reminder regardless of their reasons for remark. (Time remark is only available to “Workplace Closing Hours.”)
    • A delivery is only late when it has not been delivered before 6pm / only had been delivered after 6pm/

B. Returning/Exchanging

  1. When the defects of products were not caused by 50gram and/or dispatchers.
  2. When the bouquet has been received and the attempts to exchange is done on the next day or after.